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“I felt from the beginning that the human approach of MindWave was real”

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Christina Samakidou - HR manager

“I am HR manager at MindWave, but also take on some other roles in the company. In Greece, we have a lot of employees and freelancers, so I like to focus on administrative support as well.”

Christina is an experienced HR professional who loves creating a safe and family-like work environment for all colleagues.

It clicked right away

"I am fairly new at MindWave, since October 2021. I knew founder Johan from before. He spoke to me when I was on maternity leave for my youngest child and he told me that he was looking for an HR manager to start a Greek branch of MindWave in Athens. I told him that I was not so happy at my job at the time, mainly because of the company culture. I liked his approach and knew from the start that this would lead to a good collaboration, so my decision was easily made."

Great and open-minded professionals

“What makes me happy is the fact that I’m working with people that are very open-minded and strong professionals. They do care about the company. All of them. Not only the management team. Developers, testers… everyone cares about MindWave. We’re like a small family, you can discuss everything and you know you will be heard.”

Family first

“I felt from the beginning that the human approach of MindWave was real. When I started working here, my son was still a baby and needed me. I asked Johan to tell me what he expected from me and then we could see if we could match our programmes. He told me that family comes first. I got all the flexibility I needed and didn’t have to worry if something went wrong one day. This attitude was very important to me. When you have a baby that needs you all the time, that sometimes keeps you up all night … It's important to know that your employer won’t get mad if you are slower than expected. Motherhood is natural and should be supported by each employer, but you don’t see it very often.”

Great place to grow

"My previous job as an HR manager was in a very large company. Everything was very well structured, policies were in place.... I couldn't add that much myself. Today, at MindWave, I enjoy proposing solutions, helping to develop our policies ... This is a new step for me and I love that active role. I love being part of the MindWave family. I want to see it grow and support where I can."

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