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About us

MindWave is a team of senior Java experts, based in Belgium and Greece, that organizations can call on for reinforcement, on site, remote or in a hybrid constellation. Together we create a wave of implementation, innovation and enthusiasm for your digital project.

Our story

Founder Johan Nagels: "Twenty-one years ago I started out as an IT professional and programmer myself, then rolled into sales and management. Around me I saw many independent consultants fall into the hands of agencies. Often these agencies ask a lot of money from customers without doing the work themselves. Convinced that things could be different, I started MindWave.

MindWave Belgium does it differently. We are a cooperative of independent IT professionals. We all handle a piece of management, recruiting and even sales ourselves. We are all shareholders as well as IT professionals. And of course everyone shares in the profits.

Then Greece came along

In addition, through personal connections, interesting partnerships emerged in Greece. This great challenge (next to the lovely sunny climate) made us jump and also develop a Greek team of IT consultants. In Greece, our MindWavers work as freelancers or salaried employees, because each of them prefers this to the cooperative model. Meanwhile MindWave has been around for 4 years to make all your digital projects flow.

Why we focus on senior profiles

MindWave is not a classic IT company with a few seniors and many junior profiles around it. You can trust your systems to us with absolute confidence, since we work with exclusively seniors who:

  • Have solid leadership qualities

  • Possess a wide range of skills and experience

  • Can take younger team members forward

  • Dare to stand up for the needs of your project

  • Can help you with mission critical systems

Our mission

MindWave aims to be the movement of change that provides a better way of working and growing together. We are a community of dedicated experts who know how to get the job done. We just choose to do it differently. We believe in a more humane way of working. Yes, it’s brave... and it isn’t always easy, but we believe it can be done. We invest in building a strong community, with our consultants and with our clients. Why go for a quick fix when you can choose to be a gamechanger?