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You can count on MindWave to staff your Java team with strong profiles. Our pool consists of various experienced talents to take your Java custom project to the next level.

Java development from A to Z

We help you put together a team of experts for your Java project. The war of talents in IT is real, but thanks to our people-oriented approach we have built an extensive pool of senior Java profiles. Our MindWave pool includes experienced Java analysts, software engineers, quality engineers, product owners and scrum masters. Do you need some manpower on your Java custom project? We match you with the right people to make it a smashing success.

What does MindWave offer?

You can rely on MindWave for everything you may need as a client in terms of software development in Java. Our pool includes experienced Java analysts, software engineers, quality engineers, product owners and scrum masters. Whether you're looking for one rock-solid software engineer or an entire team of Java gurus, MindWave has the right people to join your team for every Java custom project.

  • Human centered approach

  • Senior profiles

  • Covering all aspects of Java development

  • Belgium or Greece based

  • Remote, on site or mixed staffing

Different kinds of talent

At MindWave, we believe that no person can be fitted into a job description. We carefully invest time in getting to know all our MindWavers in order to quickly find high-quality profiles for your custom Java project. These are the roles our MindWavers can bring to your team.

Software engineer

You can count on our Java software engineers for the design, management and development of all your Java custom projects. Problem solving is part of their DNA.

Scrum master

Are you craving for a born facilitator within your Java team? Our MindWave scrum masters ensure that every team member knows exactly what the next step is to reach the stated goal.


Do you want someone who challenges the boundaries of your Java project? Our analysts are people who inherently see possibilities that will take your project to the next level.

Quality engineer

Looking for someone with an eagle eye for bugs? Our Java quality engineers will take a close look at the entire code of your custom project for maximum usability and functionality of your project.

Product owner

As part of the agile team a product owner makes sure that the vision, priorities and client needs are met in every stage of the ever evolving digital product.

How we work

All MindWavers are used to work not only on-site but also fluidly remote or with a mixed team. On top of that, we focus on:

  • Senior profiles
    All our Java software engineers are experienced professionals with at least 3 to 5 years of experience. With our senior knowledge we like to solve complex strategic issues within your project.
  • Impressive network
    Today, MindWave is made up of about 30 rock-solid IT consultants. On top of that, MindWave has a network of more than 1400 software engineers spread over Belgium and Greece. Our pool of potential freelancers is so extensive that we can provide you the right consultant for each type of question.
  • A human approach
    MindWave consciously ensures that all software developers are paid a fair wage. In case you are thinking about nearshoring for cost cutting reasons, you have not come to the right place at MindWave.
  • Fast quality matches
    Since we don't believe that people fit into one single job description, we dare to think outside the box which leads us to find the right match in no time. Every candidate we present will have been picked with the greatest care to fit your project and team.
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Delivery model

Are you looking for a freelancer to work on site at your office or can it be done remotely? We are great believers in remote or mixed teams. If you opt for remote, we can offer you both our Belgian talents and the smartest Java profiles from Greece, which doubles the chance of a good matchmaking.


If you choose to work with completely remote profiles, you can expect a mix of Belgian and Greek profiles who will give their best for your project.

On Site

Is it important that your team members work together at your office? Then we staff both Belgian and Greek profiles in their home country.


Do you want the best of both worlds, but you are not used to managing a mixed team? We also have the right profiles for you to do so!

Our services in the field

We believe in the power of people. That's why we love to listen to what both our MindWavers and clients have to say about collaborations.

Why we focus on senior profiles

We provide you with top profiles with at least 3 to 5 years of experience so we can push the success ratio of your project to the max. Thanks to our human approach, we still find the right people in this war for talent.